The Cards and Coins Dump

The movement of the fool, with foot over ledge about to step on basil and mint sprigs 3,000 feet below (think maybe Holden Caulfield stepping off the sidewalk?) is obstructed and obfuscated by the Knight of Swords, articulate and irrational, argumentative and good with words. The crutch of words blocks the development of falling down, of immersion into sprigs of emotional fullness. The axes look fine, with a warning against excessive assuredeness and the blindness of pride from the nine of cups. The antithesis of Knight of Sword's vitriolic approach is offered from the inside of the psyche with the Knight of Coins offering the advice to share by showing. His blunt weapon is for "showing", for "pressing into", for physical and earthly contact--in direct opposition to the Knight of Swords cutting, airy verbal sword. There's also advice to be aware of the antagonist principle's reciprocity--in this case, as exterior danger decreases, the awareness of one's interior self-destructiveness should increase. An outcome of 4 Wands points to completion of a project through collective action-- the coming together of forces from 4 angles, warm and sufficient light.

Fire and water, millions of filled cups and dozens of crossed staffs with red and blazing eyes, points of new crimson growth. There's an inherent tension between the two forces--the creative rigidity and thrust of linear staffs sometimes doesn't see the deeper well of spirituality; sometimes the staff can't see that its force is conjoured up with energy found in the deeper wells. Let's think of the staff as powerful and creative, but of time and happening in the span of one life--a life's work. Likewise, let's think of the cup as meaning the work of generations, something longer, deeper and quieter, hardly rising above a whisper but swelling occasionally--something that one needs to immerse themselves in rather than draw up.
The past shows an accomplishment that took all energy out of the couple involved, a job, well achieved, that stripped the two of their energy. It's done and in the exhaustion, a new path is blazed. The central conflict in the present day, informed and formed by this past accomplishment is between perservering creativity/mental work and a desire to immerse and gain greater understanding of the larger timescale of the generation's work. Small vs. Immense. A character, a man or woman, a traditional elder will come to advise on what advice and insight tradition has to offer to the dilemma.
The querent sees the conflict of fire and water as a two pronged approach to deepening their relationship with those close to them. This point of view comes from water, resulting in a built in advisement to not forget about the importance of life work and short term perserverence and passion, connectedness to the world of material and ideas. King of Wands surrounds the querent, reminding them of the effectiveness of cultivating power and creativity and maturely applying it (fire deepens the well with its mature application). An advisement to not be fearful of fire's requirement that one work hard to achieve short term gain (little things that take long to fulfill are part of something larger). Ultimately, the result is seen in Ace of Cups, where the querent is seen through the cards becoming harmonized with the world around them. Deepening harmony.


The blunt instrument, heart on a stick, the club, presence of pressing emotion to leave impression. That's the querent. Situation goes as follows: in linear time an agreement was arrived at with faith and newness, big cup brimming over water tension on the rim forming a convex lens catching light. Broken agreements are what's happening today, with an advisement to be aware of things being taken during states of weakness. Knight of Wands is an obstacle to progression past the shake-up that 7 Swords suggests with implied vulnerability. Be aware of becoming aloof and hot with horse and torch, the spiked stick, spiked flame and spiked tongues; running away prevents positive change. Judgement suggests that the what comes is a continued fracturing and opening up, obfuscation caused by pieces moving yields to clarity once the moving pieces are arranged in settled patterns; one needs to wait and see. Queen of Swords suggests that querent aspires to cool reservation and distance when faced with manipulation, but the wiseness of this singular aspiration/response is to be considered carefully with intuition and heart. The heart, the core of the situation is Clearance, Fall, The Missing Foot, Self-Death, Changing Circumstances, they have many names. They all imply change that is comfortable with self-change,,, or that change is aware that it too will change, it will break, it will harvest itself also: even the core is changing morphing while skirting laterally. The querent believes and feels that intuition will provide the answer between two choices, though said querent might think that correspondence from distance might be more desirable a technique to arrive at a decision. Moon says that those around the center feel confused by the duplicity of the circumstance, it's hard to tell which is true about the querent and the situation because of the state of flux in the given circumstance. There is some chaos in the perception of those outside--double vision, reflection vs. reflected, nocturnal blur and reflected light being mistaken for light source. The querent is advised to be honest about feelings of betrayal and disappointment; that there is no harm in these affectations. Seven Swords suggests that careful assessment of the situation is called for in light of all the changes. Though the querent would like to approach the way forward and the choice through letters from a distance and through intuition and though the immediate tendency might be towards a firey independent blazing of short trails, the way to progress successfully through this change of circumstance is to consider carefully, but not aloofly and not without thought… measured and considerate thought is advised.


Disturbing scenes of being burnt out and exhausted (9 wands pos 3), there's still so much to carry; the pillars so close together as to form a wall that burdens (10 wands pos 1). There was a time when you felt fluent and able to handle the complex language of everyday logistics as easy as rolling a coin (2 coins pos 4), but the present moment is about carrying too much. Cultivate openness and empathy, fair mindedness and tenderness in the face of the burden, but let your own mind and body be part of the consideration (K cups pos 2). If you're carrying too much, it all falls out of your hands anyway. There will be an unexpected wound created (3 swords pos 6), three of swords, three gashes on the open heart... The root of the matter is that we're all bandaged, we've been through the bruising crush, we can look at eachother and our eyes can flicker with the knowledge that we share this history together, we're all of us sore, bruised, burnt, bandaged... recovering. The trick is not to become bitter, but just more watchful--enough with pain, which bitterness will only prolong. You aspire to power (2 wands pos 5), to brilliant control and fluency over the open-hearted situation that burdens you but be aware that power is a see-sawing force and that no one person holds power without giving it up in another way (6 cups pos 10). You feel that your impatience and anger is destructive--be advised that this impatience can also be inspiration and the anger passion (Kn wands pos 7). Know that the way to transform negative feelings is to embrace generosity and include yourself in that spirit of generosity (Q coins pos 9), if you don't, your burden will feel increased ten-fold and your positive passion and inspiration will flip to the negative. Comfort yourself so that you can be ready to harmonize with the needs of those around you for stability and authority (Emperor pos 8). In the end, your desire for power will only manifest in positive ways if you open yourself to being generous, open and considerate, and include yourself in the situation. This is an empowering act that will lift burdens and prepare you for unexpected heartache.