(abstract) It doesn't matter what the hallucination looks likes, it matters the sentiment of the reaction to the confrontation or meeting
It doesn't matter "what" the MONSTER/BROTHER/SISTER/SPIRIT "was", it matters the "structure of feeling" that constructed and informed the hallucination
Proof of existence of anything is fruitless pursuit. The cryptomorph exists as anything else "exists"

I once wrote to debunk hoaxes and myths, but as I progressed on each debunking project, I would become more and more confused. I realized that the sighting of anomalies was by nature and definition anomalous. Furthermore, I realized that all anomaly is really variation. I began to see all variation and change as anomalous and in consequence many mundane things in the world; flowing water, growing hair, roadkill, movement of bodies, acceleration and even stasis became as odd and frightening to me as mothman, chupacabra or cattle mutilation.

And slowly, my recognition of the anomalous spread to include more and more the the things around me until everything that filled my senses was foreign and struck terror in me: a boy's head cracked by a policeman's fist, my voice slipping across the wind, Lopez-Feliu's hair growing year by year, iron against lubricated iron, a skyscraper falling in a pile, the rapidly worming distances between my eyes and distant views...

All is now in flux and changing, everything is anomalous and hoax; even the hoax and story of gravity only dictates one direction of many directions and can be called into question as readily as the mothman hoax--our blood flows up and down, across and back, pumped by a strange hoax--the heart muscle, flowing through strange mythic channels called veins. These words follow a mythical set of systems to become a strangely manifest hoax. The myth of dictated words in mythical symbols representing ideas (themselves anomalous and deceptive) laid down in quick drying hoax-ink on a mythical and unprovable substrate.

This paper that you hold in your hand and the content on it and the brain functions that lead you to understand it are all unprovable hoaxes perpetuated by over-active imaginations susceptible to the influence of myth.

"On", "over", "on top", "based on"... all orientation and relation is ghostlike and anomalous. Directionality and placement, composition and divine order are hoaxes and mythologies.

We exist and ultimately are mythical- like a play with no director or audience, no script or stage, no actors, no props... for reference please see mirror scene in Duck Soup, mythical movie from the hoax year of 1933.

A building a Dream Building is called many different things, it's not know what i talk about, i have dreams about buildings that use solar energy to grow, my house shit last night in a vision, my house followed angles whose angles they angeled, it was AFRO-SPACE, CHICANOSOL, bio-FRIENDLY, uTOPian centeRED, i grew vegetables outside but the house was a vegetal being, it ate vegetable and fertilized its own roots, my house had INPUT/OUTPUT, my house had memory and cells, cellular stoicism and buzz, it had bite, fucking beatiful heart-house, interplanetary solidarity and loves-node of the cosmos, product of highness and maHnia

I got scared of blooming inspiration shocked my eyes opened and closed gliding and sliding

We are little more than exotic beaded creatures encrusted and made up of single unite of colorful round balls connected by the thread of electricity

I shouldn't be worried with enough food in my system I can call on the highness of inspiration at many points of interface

I face its face and see not one thing but instead every thing integrated and mainlined through sensations more akin to touch and more wisp-like than memory

Tendrils and vessels of intelligent plant organism interface and coordinated