swap meets
rented spaces (one night events as well as longer stays)
publications: books, magazines, newspapers, zines
rhizomatic neighborhood associations (RNAs)
squatting exhibitions (sit down and start exhibiting)
advertisement in larger media (magazines, newspapers, billboards)
800 numbers
US mail
performances with the street

Oct. 10: An exhibition of plaster figures- in all manner of shapes and forms, spraypainted or airbrushed, representing and hosting lost and wondrous forms of architectural alchemy and self-transfiguration. Across the walkway, a series of large photographs expounding on a complimentary set of ideas. Ideal setting: two swapmeet lots or a gallery

Oct. 10: Paint the facade of Tropico de Nopal blue and put rabbit ears made out of plywood. Ideal setting: Tropico de Nopal Gallery

December 26: An image of a single person or group: before boarding-english-only-school and after.

Students in the first through eight grade attending the Seneca Indian School in 1887

January 19: Television is absurd, traveling across the freeway and seeing offramps on the 5 that look like commercial breaks in the coursing time-line of getting to somewhere. What happens in between? What does one glimpse through slits that are like brief openings in a zoetrope?

January 28: Many small hollow busts of plaster with hooks. Attach to self until totally covered with small plaster busts. Walk down boulevard or avenue.

January 6: Balloons made of nylon, inflatables

January 6: This open world,,, things are supposedly all dreams of vision and the other senses, but I think that your scent and your gestures, your breath cross penetrate into the many layers

January 6: A room called Cinema is Dream Pressure

June 20: Pamphlet on Ghost-Studio Techniques and Practices:



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