Staying still and letting parts of yourself die is action*

"Don't think that situating yourself in any one position gives you a clear view. Asking where some other person stands should allow for your shifting." -Ricardo Flores Magon

Hardening is not the same as stillness.

"Taking a stand is not the primary position; laying, sitting, standing and walking are the primary positions." - Ericka Llanera

"on what do I walk?"
"what is my body as it's standing?"
"where do I take my rest?"

One conforms to ideology, the other travels through ideology.

One treats doctrine as scripture, the other treats doctrine as language.

One is faithful, the other is laughing.

One aspires to be a statue or monument, the other wraps monuments in cloth.


Staying still and letting storms of heat and hell drench your body is action.

While in stillness, there is no guardedness, all your territory is present.

You're not hard and you're not soft.

Staying still and noise going away, then mist clearing is action.

Smile-appearing is action.


Action involves: running,
but also decay,

being still,

One is invested in converting words to action, the other is invested in the creation of new words.

One sees the world falling into place, the other sees the world as interrelated dynamics.

One sees polemic as truth, the other sees polemic as hilarity-stick.

One sees words as weapons the other sees words as landscape.

One acts toward hardening their stance, the other acts toward softening.

-Blas Lara and Juan Bossi

Is there a difference between hard and soft?